Why IMA?

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Our innovative hub and spoke model addresses historical clinical trials challenges related to time, cost and quality.

  • Integrates the IMA clinic network with experienced clinical trial sites
  • Centralized leadership, oversight and administrative functions
  • Decentralization of site locations and teams
  • Remote data collection and virtual capabilities in all IMA offices

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 IMA Clinical Research is a rapidly growing fully-integrated nationwide network of sites employing highly-trained clinical investigators and professional staff. Our team is committed to serving our study participants and sponsors with the highest level of quality care to ensure the successful conduct of all our clinical trials.

Our commitment to providing the highest quality conduct of clinical trials, through adherence to GCP and ICH standards, best medical practices, personal involvement of investigators, and high standards for medical care, make us a valued and preferred research site for many research organizations. IMA Clinical Research has a proven aptitude for timely enrollment of qualified participants and for providing sponsors with accurate, quality data.

The Value of IMA Clinical Research

  • Geographically diverse site network that supports a decentralized approach with virtual capabilities to reach study participants everywhere
  • Centralized leadership
  • Database of over 300,000 research participants supports rapid enrollment
  • Use of a fully integrated CTMS platform with eSource documentation
  • Expedited start-up processes with single point-of-contact to facilitate budget and contract negotiations
  • Use of central IRB to expedite regulatory start up and ongoing regulatory management
  • Master Service Agreements and strategic partnerships with select Sponsor, CRO, and healthcare organizations
  • Comprehensive training program for all staff
  • Centralized recruitment team