What to Expect

old woman meeting with clinical researcher

Clinical research trials are the foundation for much of medicine as we know it today. Medications, medical devices, and other therapies must go through the clinical trial process, which is a careful evaluation to ensure they are safe and effective. IMA Clinical Research partners with pharmaceutical companies to conduct clinical trials led by expert physician investigators at our nationwide network of clinical research site locations.

We specialize in Phase II-IV clinical trials in multiple therapeutic areas and employ an experienced team of Principal Investigators and clinical research staff at locations throughout our nationwide network. 

Our mission is to improve the lives of our patients and future generations by developing enhanced medical therapies through clinical research. Compassionate care, combined with our comprehensive approach to clinical research services, ensures our ability to achieve high-quality, on-time data collection with an optimal patient experience.

Our values

  • Compassion:
    We are committed to a compassionate approach to our care of clinical trial participants supports our mission to improve the lives of our patients and community.
  • Innovation:
    Continuous innovation through the conduct of clinical trials enables us to contribute to the development and understanding of new and existing medical therapies.
  • Collaboration:
    Commitment to lasting, collaborative relationships with our pharmaceutical sponsors.
  • Excellence:
    We demonstrate scientific and ethical quality and excellence through enrolling qualified clinical trial participants and providing high quality, accurate clinical research data in a timely manner.